question: re fine tuning of a dummy/pacifier

I’m trying to determine if my children are just really strange, or if this is a normal behaviour.

So I’m asking this of other parents of children who have used a dummy/pacifier/whatever. Do they try to tune it in, or adjust the volume or whatever? What I mean by this is they get the handle and they twist it around once or twice one way and then the other way and maybe back a bit the other way, until it is apparently “just right”. Both Abigail and Kristian do it. So is it a normal thing for children to do with their dummies; or is Abigail a strange freak and Kristian learned it off her; or are they both strange freaks who came upon the habit as a result of genetics? Likely I wouldn’t be able to determine between the two latter options, but you can help me to figure out if it’s the first :)

question: re fine tuning of a dummy/pacifier

One thought on “question: re fine tuning of a dummy/pacifier

  1. can’t help you with that one. i tried a dummy with smiley a few times when he was really young, but he didn’t really care or not care for it, so i figured i wouldn’t give him enough time to get attached to it & then have to try to pry it off him later in life. lol!

    that’s so cute, though. tuning it in. *chuckles*