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From: jade leth
To: Daniel Leth
Sent: Tuesday, July 01, 2008 8:48 AM
Subject: work

just had to share with you how MY work day has started out.

i got your son to drop off to sleep and thought that this was good, i could have my cup of tea and start tidying up a bit while it was quiet with him asleep and the girls still in bed.

except as soon as i stood up to do something he started wailing as if i’d tried to chuck him in a snake pit or something.
then another wailing started. it was your daughter, at the top of the stairs, demanding i come up there to carry her down. i succinctly told her that it wouldn’t be happening, and that is the point at which she threw her drink bottle down the stairs. after making sure that it was infact just the drink and not herself, i tried to carry on with what i was doing. both of them got angrier and louder. i heard abby taking her nappy off. then stephanie started coming down, since she had been dressing herself. she called me, saying that abigail had made a mess with the nappy.

the dear child had decided it would be a good idea to fling her full, sodden nighttime nappy down the stairs. the nappy obviously did not hold up to such force, as on each stair of the bottom two thirds of the staircase there was a pile of wet gel crystals that had come out of the nappy. so i told her off good and proper and got some paper towel to pick up as much as i could and then got the vacuum to get the rest. except the powerhead didn’t seem to like it and instead of sending it up the tube into the vacuum it spat it out the back so that it came and hit my legs. so i used the raw end of the vacuum tube to vacuum up each of the stairs.

i went to wash my hands once i was finished this and was doing that and abigail asked for some toast. so i put that on and was buttering it when she was talking about getting a new nappy. she said “one for each bum?” i said that she only needed one for her, since i had already changed kristian. she said he’d done a poo but i didn’t really pay much attention because i couldn’t smell anything and he hadn’t grunted or anything.

then he walks past and i see it seeping out the sides of his nappy and already on the back of the nappy where he obviously sat in some that had leaked onto the floor. frick.

so i had to wipe up the floor and then him and of course, fight with him and wrestle him to actually be able to wipe his disgusting little arse, not to mention everything else of his that i had to wipe since the shit was EVERYWHERE. stephanie estimated when i was finished that it had taken about 9 or 10 wipes, and i would concur with that.

so, i hope you have a nice day.

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