last week kristian asked me to get him a drink of apple juice. I told him that i would in just a minute and he wandered off doing whatever he wad doing. so I got up and made the drink for him and left it on the bench. a few minutes later I vaguely noticed him come back to the kitchen and have some of his drink and then head back towards what he was doing. but then he paused in the entrance to the kitchen and, like it was a kind of afterthought, told me, “i told you to get me a drink of apple shoes, mummy… well done.”
and continued on his merry way.

my new favourite quote thing is about “lobbing ‘nades at team jacob” from this week’s bff report. srsly. I don’t often watch those kind of articles on the wowhead blog but I was interested to see the new worgen stuff and i chuckled to myself all day about the twilight joke, silly though it was. (i’ll definitely have to check out next week’s bff report though, coz it’s goblins! can’t wait to roll me a goblin!)

i’ve been fuelling the twilight obsession by reading, um, unofficial additional material. there is some extremely strange shite out there. i’m talking about when you follow a link from somewhere to a different story only to find that the main relationship depicted is, say, edward and jasper, and yes, it goes there. that is not kosher. i don’t necessarily have a problem with slash, though i don’t really get the appeal, but i generally don’t care for non-canon pairings. perhaps because i get attached to the characters when i read, and when i have exhausted all canon sources for a particular series but i am not ready to move onto different characters, that is when i look at the fanfics. i want more of the people I have become attached to and when people write ‘alternate universe’ or ‘all human’ or ‘all muggle’ or non-canon relationships, it’s not a continuation of the story or a filling in of missing parts to the story, it’s.. using the names of characters that people already like so that they will read your story which doesn’t actually have anything to do with what they were looking for in the first place. it makes me feel misled and annoyed.
anyway. i was going to say that the people who are writing the twilight ff need to really give the word irrevocably a break. it was different and highlighted the whole ‘past the point of no return’ feeling the first time but when i see it used time after time after time…. come on, get a damn thesaurus, people.
i do have one non-canon pairing that i approve of, and that is sirius and remus. i love tonks and all, but i really thought it should have been moony and padfoot 4 eva. ;P
if you’re into it, you should check out this parody fic, funny shite. Nessie, or Renesmee, as absolutely no one called her ever because it is the single worst name in the history of the universe, even worse than “Blandina” which is actually the name of the patron saint of those falsely accused of cannibalism, and also worse than “Albus Severus” no matter what you might think, had demanded that she make friends. mostly twilight but has references to harry potter and other stuff, especially other vampire genres.

i have made a terrible error, in that i am too prepared for an upcoming event and now i must face temptation even greater than the scent of bella’s blood for the next 30 days. the upcoming event? a birthday. the error? i bought a present. it’s a re……AGGHHHHHH! NO! MUST RESIST!!! allow me to go fling myself against the far wall…

tomorrow, my mother and i are going to begin painting the town red. well, actually, not so much red really, as i’m not a huge fan of red and i don’t think her design contains great amounts of it either. and it’s not the whole town, just two parts of it. traffic boxes! and the best part is that we get to paint over the top of stuff done by the guy who stole our first box. i shall take great pleasure in painting over his name, so much so that i might even do it twice. so there.

and for a final bit of random, what is with the names of the dk minions? they totally suck. instead of stupid things like tombcrawler and wormslither could we maybe get some motherfuckers and arsekickers? i’m sure all the mobs would be much more scared and die much more quickly if they were being attacked by risen dead with somewhat less lame names.