a real quilt

I have been working on a quilt for Stephanie for a month or two, in fits and spurts. I am getting really close to the end now! Yesterday I finished all the quilting. I was feeling very nervous about this next step. Until this point it’s essentially just been straight(-ish) sewing. Having perused a LOT of quilt galleries and groups I decided that I like the look of free-motion stipple quilting best and I prepared for this a while back by obtaining a darning foot for my machine, and I have had a couple of very small area tries at it which worked out alright. Doing it over such a large area was kind of daunting though because I really didn’t want to screw it up!

mjc0016-090313 (by scherre)

As advised I wound myself a couple of bobbins up before I started. I could only find two empty ones though so I did have to refill them again partway through. I did some of the quilting on Wednesday, some more on Thursday morning before we went to Carindale and then the rest on Friday.

mjc0020-090313 (by scherre) mjc0021-090313 (by scherre)

Now it is back to the cutting board to prepare all the bits of binding. And to find out if there is any other way than the one most people recommend of doing the binding, because it is my opinion that the needle should be in the machine, not in my hand.

a real quilt