I’ve been feeling a bit sorry for myself this week. It’s been quite hot which always makes things seem more difficult. Nothing really bad has happened to me but I have had lots of little accidents which piled up to make me feel rather attacked by Murphy.

Last Saturday I had a migraine which I tried to pretend I didn’t have by refusing to stop doing things, so my mother and Abigail and I went to the Brisstyle Market at Hamilton. I kept having nurofens and putting migrastick on to help it feel less bad. I think that was the start of my adventures. The migraine in itself and also getting migrastick very close to my eyes. I dab it across the top of my forehead at the hairline usually. But because it was really hot that day and we were walking back to the ferry, I was sweating. The sweat obviously carried the oils from the migrastick downwards and spread it out. My whole forehead and eyelids were burning icy sting. I had to use a baby wipe to get the stuff off myself. I joked to Daniel that now I knew what it was like to be him, as his skin is too sensitive to use migrastick because it just burns him.

I think the next thing I did was a paper cut on an envelope, of a Christmas card that Daniel’s parents sent us. I sliced it right across the base of my fingernail on my pointer finger. I was surprised at how much it bled. Then after I’d gotten that under control and bandaided up and stuff, I was mkaing dinner and stabbed the end of the knife into my finger accidentally. The opposite finger to the one I cut with the envelope, just to keep things balanced.

There was also pinching my finger between some pliers and dropping the tabletop of a small table on my fingers when I was taking it apart to put in the car to bring to my mum’s house for the kids to sit at for Midsummer lunch.

I’ve got another cut on the meaty/muscle part of my thumb that I don’t know where it came from. Then on Thursday afternoon I was getting ready for Daniel’s work end of year party and I was trying to straighten my hair a bit and somehow lost my grip on the straightening iron. Of course I regrabbed it straight away so it didn’t fall, except by that time my hand was around the hot part, giving me a rather painful burn on my thumb. I put ice on it which was great, but I couldn’t find my germolene so I couldn’t get that on it until we got to my mum’s house and I used hers. For about the first two hours if I took the ice off for more than about 15 seconds, it stung and burned like a son of a. Which is of course why, during that time, Kristian filled his nappy in a disgusting way. You can’t change a nappy while you’re holding an icepack.

While we were at the party I managed to get a splinter in my hand. No idea how, or where it came from. Luckily Daniel keeps a little splinter remover thing in his wallet. After we came back from the party, I spent the night at my mum and Neil’s house with the kids, since Daniel wanted to take the car to work the next day and he would have had to bring us back really early anyway because my grandparents and auntie came down yesterday to visit. The kids were supposed to be on mattresses on the floor but Abigail decided she would sleep in the bed too, so I spent most of the night right on the edge. I don’t know how such a skinny child takes up so much space. So that’s not entirely conducive to the most satisfying night’s sleep.

Abigail wasn’t feeling well yesterday so fun thing #1 occurred when she threw up all over me. And herself of course. I took her into the shower to get us cleaned off and when I tried to get out of the shower fun thing #2 for yesterday happened. The shower door is a bit stiff and I couldn’t open it properly, then one of the parts had come out of it’s track, so I was trying to lift it back in and while doing that managed to knock the other part out. It fell outwards, the bathroom door stopped it from sliding far away and spreading glass further but unfortunately that also meant that it fell on my two smallest toes, cutting them a bit too. I suppose I should be grateful that it didn’t hit Abigail at all but by that point I was seriously feeling pretty fucking sorry for myself and didn’t care about her, especially since it was her “fault” I was in the shower in the first place :) I also must have tried to catch the door a bit with my hand as I have a bruise on the corner pointy bone part of my wrist and that’s kind of tender.

Later after everyone was gone we decided to go in the pool again. I had to go and collect my bathers from the bath where I had thrown them after I rinsed them off in the shower (that’s what I was wearing when Abby threw up on me.) My mum and the girls went to the pool and Kristian was just wandering around near the pool waiting for me. Because he had been quite excited to get in the pool, he had been helpful by removing his own nappy.

I think most people can probably see where this is going.

Of course, it can never be so simple as to just have to wipe his bum and pick up the shite, can it? Dora took it upon herself to run off with the offending lumps in her mouth. So I had to chase after her with the pooper scooper and prise her jaws open to get her to spit it out. Oh yes, fun times INDEED.

To top it off, last night I started to feel most unwell and thought I must have had what Abigail had. Stephanie was ill earlier in the week too but it was thankfully one of those fleeting things and after a night’s sleep she was fine again. So I took myself to bed very early in order to hopefully make that go away.

I do feel better this morning, although somewhat tired still – probably from the late night and bad sleep Thursday as well as the valium I had last night to help me sleep better. Now today it is Midsummer and I am making a declaration. I WILL NOT be injured or thrown up on or shit on or otherwise inconvenienced or discomforted today. I WILL NOT. Or I may just snap.


shit day

..And that would be in the literal sense. Seriously, there was just way too much poo involved in my day and none of it was even mine. Kristian shat four times today. Three times I changed his nappy and wiped his bum, and sent him on his merry way. One time, he apparently decided to change his nappy himself or something. He came to me with the nappy off, which he knows he is not supposed to do, and since it was about time for changing I told him to put it in the bin and I put a new one on him. This was evidently what Daniel refers to as “teflon coated poo” because there was absolutely no sign of it on his smooth little cheeky cheeks. It wasn’t until about half an hour later when I got back from picking up Stephanie that a little trail of small brown lumps was discovered behind the dining table.

Yesterday, I bought Kristian some new shoes. This is, of course, why he apparently thought today would be a good idea to TREAD THEM IN DOG SHIT. As if that isn’t annoying enough, it’s not even like he was playing outside where you might expect such an accident to occur occasionally. No, he was in the lounge room. And it was several minutes before either of us realised that he had stood in it, or that there was even poo there. A little boy can cover quite a distance in a short number of minutes. He can leave little shitty footprints all over the lounge room and all the way to the kitchen, all around the kitchen, and on the stool his sister has been sitting on, meaning that she gets it on her leg when she sits back down without realising. And he also apparently stands on his own feet a lot because there was poo on both the tops AND soles of his brand new shoes. Did I also mention that he had it on his shorts? Probably from sitting on the stool covered stool.

I had a feeling this morning that it was going to be one of those days:

scherre says (7:38 AM):
abigail and kristian obviously both got out the wrong side of the universe this morning

Even before we took Stephanie to school they were being horrible. Abigail was winding him up in various ways and he was responding by pulling her hair. (It’s quite clever really; since his own hair is still too short to pull with any satisfaction, it means they can’t just do the same back to him.)

This afternoon when we were getting in the car to leave my mum’s house, I opened the front car door and then went to open the back door, so Kristian could get in. Apparently he decided that he would drive, though, because he went to try to get in the front and steadied himself by putting his hand on the part in between the two doors. So when I opened the back door, his fingers were very nicely squished by it. We brought him back inside and got cold on the hand quickly to help with the swelling and I hugged him tight since he was, of course, absolutely howling with big gaspy shuddering sobs. I sent Abigail to get the bucket of M&Ms as we have discovered that many devastating situations can be rapidly improved with a few small coloured “pills”. (Perhaps offers the same health giving effect favoured by Remus.) Then Stephanie wanted an M&M too, and asked, and Abigail wanted one and asked, but didn’t say please. So my mum prompted her, and she didn’t get the hint, so my mum again pointedly replied that something obviously was missing, and still Abigail didn’t catch on. “Abigail Josephine Leth!” said my mum. “How do you ask…” But Abigail had started her next line at the same time as my mum’s. “Incywincyspider climbupthewaterspout..” She obviously realised then what my mum had been getting at because she asked properly but of course we were both in hysterics at that stage. It just came so out of nowhere.

Tomorrow morning I am taking Abigail to the dentist, so I’m going to go with a forecast that tomorrow will prove to be just as trying as today. She is quite pleased to be going to the dentist since Stephanie went a few weeks ago, and I have told her that she has to let the dentist look in her mouth but … she’s Abigail. And if you have any familiarity with us at all, that’s all that needs to be said.

shit day