In an effort to record more of my thoughts, i am writing a note to myself on my phone while kristian and i wait for my mother and Abigail who are in centrelink.
I have lots of thoughts lately, on a variety of topics.

There is the diabetes insipidus thing, which has many branches.

There is the state of the economy, both in a general broad sense the public economy and how it affects us as well as our personal/family economic/financial situation. Generally summed up, stuff keeps getting more expensive, but pay does not seem to increase at the same rate.

Then there is the worrying i do about things and people beyond my control and the struggle to always remember that i am not the one causing the problem. I am a great part of the problem, but it is not because of anything i am doing..


2 thoughts on “effort

  1. is the last problem you mentioned that neil isn’t really into family & the way you & your mum spend so much time together? i really hate that. someone who’s so not into family really bugs me. i dealt with that for years.