30 day song challenge | day 7

Just an FYI.. the commentary for this song choice may not be child friendly ;P

The prompt is a song that reminds you of a certain event.

What this reminds me of is… the first opportunity that Daniel and I had to somewhat explore our physical relationship. The rest of the group had gone out to the movies and we were home with Neil’s ex-wife and kids (who actually were kids at that stage). She was watching Blue Heelers on TV and we were snuggled on one couch but soon moved into the dining room type place so we wouldn’t disturb her. We did try to go into the bedroom where Daniel was staying only to somewhat frustratedly realise that Matthew and Ashley were already asleep in there. ;) (Cockblocking already and they weren’t even my siblings yet!) So instead we sat down at the table and Daniel tried to show me some of his music on his CD walkman thingy. Hands may have wandered and we may have bordered on what was appropriate for a not exactly private location ;)

All in all it’s quite an enjoyable memory.

30 day song challenge | day 7