I saw this link on nzangie.

80 words

Touch Typing for free

I don’t know how accurate the test is though. There are at least a few flaws that I can see with it. For starters, it claims to be prompting you with the most commonly used words in the English language. Ok, but the words are not used randomly like that. When you’re typing something, there is a context to the words and you can often infer what will be coming next, you know what to expect. That’s for typing something that you’re copying. If you’re typing something that is coming directly from your brain then you can be even further ahead of what your fingers are doing, thereby reducing the ‘preparation’ time between words and sentences. Also, people like me, who may use the computer a lot and type fairly well, don’t necessarily sit and type long chunks very often. I might type a few words here, a message to someone there, a comment on another blog in another tab, etc. People who use the computer and keyboard like this probably have less ‘fit’ fingers than people who do long, sustained periods of typing. There’s also a slight delay between when you type the last word from one set and the next set appears.

But anyway. It’s just a silly page online to play around and see how you do. Just felt analytical :)