I got myself into a little bit of trouble at kinder today, sort of.

They have a questionnaire that they ask you to fill in at the start of each year. It’s things about your child.. their favourite activities, what they don’t like, if they have any fears, how they are progressing with toilet training, if they have any special needs like dietary or medical or religious. On the question about what methods or techniques you use when trying to help your child with toilet training, I wrote “Asking nicely. Crossing fingers. Giving encouragement.” Then I was feeling in a silly mood, so after that I wrote “Animal sacrifice.”

When I went in this afternoon to pick Abigail up, the leader in her room said she just had to ask me a question, and got Abigail’s little folio book out and opened up to the page where the questionnaire was and I said “Oh, is that about the animal sacrifice? I was just being silly.” She got such a look of relief on her face. She said she just hadn’t been sure if I was joking or if maybe we had some kind of religious beliefs like that or what and she didn’t know how she should approach it. I assured her that it was just completely a joke. (Which I thought had been quite evident.. are there still people in western culture who practice animal sacrifice??)

Evidently, not as amusing to them as I had found it. At least when I told it all to my mum just now on MSN she was laughing, so I know it wasn’t completely unfunny. :)

I think she had been quite worried about it. Today Abigail wore underwear all day for the first time ever, and I’d asked her before we left if she wanted to go to the toilet first which she declined. Then when we got to the gate she decided she did want to go, so we went back inside and Jane was in the office telling the other ladies there that it was alright, it was just a joke.