wrong point

I read this article in the newspaper: Classmates see footage of girl’s sex act which explained how a video circulated around to most of the students at a school, via their mobile phones, of a girl “performing a sex act on a classmate”.

There was a bit at the bottom of the article which really annoyed me though:

Parents said yesterday the incident underlined the dangers of mobile phones in schools.

Sorry? It has NOTHING to do with the “dangers” of mobile phones in schools. Mobile phones are designed for communicating and sharing images, videos and sounds. Kids are designed to gawk and take interest in the personal goings on of other people that are not necessarily any of their business. The video could just have easily been made with a webcam or digital camera and emailed around between all the students, or even posted on the web. And then what would the danger have been? That kids can be exploited online?

It seems that the incident, to me, highlights the dangers of not teaching your kids to respect other people. So that maybe they would think twice about forwarding around such a video which clearly should be a private matter between the girl and boy involved. Or maybe the danger of not educating your kids about what people are really like. For Christ’s sake: if a teenage boy wants to make a video of you giving him a blow job, OF COURSE he’s not going to be able to keep it to himself. So maybe try teaching your daughter DON’T LET ANYONE MAKE VIDEOS OF YOU DOING SEXUAL THINGS. It’s not rocket science, people.

wrong point