This afternoon I stupidly reversed into another car as I was leaving kinder after I collected Abigail. I was about to pull away from the curb, I wasn’t going very fast, but there was a bump. The other person’s number plate got a decent dent in it from our towbar thing. Their bumper has a small dent. My car is fine, since it was only the towbar that touched the other car.

My head, not so much. Driving and cars have the potential to make me very anxious. When I do something stupid like reversing into someone, that potential is realised. Even if I am trying to park somewhere and misjudge or something and then have to back up and come at it again, and there are people waiting to go past me, I just get really flustered and that just makes it even harder to do what I am trying to do. The parking in front of Stephanie’s school is parallel parking which you have to reverse into. Yes, this is generally one of the more difficult types of parking to do. But that knowledge doesn’t make me feel better when I have misaligned myself the first time around and backed into the space only to have half the car sticking out into the road still. Trying to go back forwards and fix it doesn’t work because there are usually other cars waiting to drive past you, there are other parents standing around outside the school staring at you while they hold their idle chit-chats. If I miss it the first time I have more than once just driven straight back out and gone around the block to let the people forget about me and come back able to start fresh.

This kind of paranoia isn’t restricted to driving type issues and situations, I just have it particularly intensely in those kind of situations.

Before I learned to drive I wouldn’t have thought that I had any psychological problems with cars and driving. Maybe not.. before I learned to drive. Maybe it would be better to say before I was old enough to learn to drive. If you aren’t old enough to drive then no one expects you to. Once you are old enough to drive, everyone assumes that you have a license. Once I started trying to learn to drive I think it woke up some kind of suppressed fear in me, about making mistakes, or having an accident. Or hurting someone. One would assume that these worries stem from having been injured myself in a fatal car accident. I don’t know if there is any way to fix this problem in myself. Other than not driving, of course, which is really not a practical option.

Driving is something that normal people do and I have become aware or been made aware of how I am sub-normal in so many ways that any mistake in a driving related situation makes me feel stupid and useless and so very very not right. Not right in the way that a serial killer is not right, not not right in the way that someone who wears tea-cozies on their head is not right. I try to escape that conditioning and sometimes I’m quite good at it. Sometimes I have a bad day though and I hear the voice and see the face that shows disgust and disdain at my flaws and I can’t help but to feel those same things for myself.


not my week

On Thursday I accidentally did something incredibly stupid. Sometimes when I am putting Kristian in the car, I put things on top of the car while I am doing his seatbelt. Things like my keys, or my phone. Usually I stand straight back up and pick them up again. This time, though, he decided to try to “help” get himself in the car, and because I had my bag over my shoulder I didn’t have enough room and I kind of had to shove him and tell Stephanie to pull him the rest of the way. So it didn’t follow the usual procedure and yes, I left my phone on top of the car.

Somewhat amazingly, it stayed on there for about 5 minutes and it was several kilometres down the road as I was accelerating away from a newly green light that I heard a dreadful thunk-thunk down the back window of the car. At first I wondered what the hell it was and then it suddenly dawned on me. I was taking Stephanie to school at the time and then had to take Abigail to kinder but after that I drove slowly along that stretch of road and sure enough, I saw my phone. It was absolutely well and truly destroyed, evidently quite a few cars had run over it. Gladly, I was able to get my sim card out of it, and also rescued my Nem – a phone charm that my mum made me.

Of course the upside of that little episode is that I’m now the owner of a cute little new Nokia 6300.

The downside of that, though, is that since we bought that I probably can’t go and get a new monitor. Because today my monitor appears to have died. I can borrow the one from the kids computer (which is what I am using at the moment) but it’s a pain in the ass. Why do things like this always happen together? Is Mercury in retrograde or something? (Not that I’ve ever noticed any particular personal ill-effect from it.)

Tomorrow will be a better day: hopefully my head will be completely better (I’ve had a semi-migraine today) and my hangover will be gone.. and we will have pancakes.

not my week