The door is well and truly closed on further homo sapiens additions to our family. Today a man from a local shop that sells secondhand baby items came and took away all the remaining baby paraphernalia that we had taking up space. A cot (Kristian has been in a big boy bed for about 2 months now), change table, swing, steriliser, pram, sling, bouncer, high chair, learn-to-walk toy.

Although I don’t regret our choice to make Kristian our last child – three is plenty enough for us – getting rid of that stuff is a bit sad because there’s something a bit special about a baby that we won’t ever have again. Daniel didn’t relate to this sentiment, he said they are noisy and smelly. I countered that they didn’t talk back, and he did concede that this is a positive.

It’s probably going to be a while before anyone else has a baby, I don’t think Megan, Ashley or Matthew will have any for some time.


One thought on “gone

  1. the door in not completely closed until someone gets the snip. even then, i’ve heard on good authority, there is a very remote chance that a spermy can get through even up to six months later after the snip! amazing!