left problems

When you are a person who is very far to the “left”.. (and by ‘very far’ I mean sitting with your back to the wall on the furthest side of leftness, because that way there is one less side that you have people on) sometimes a it is easy to forget that most people are not like you. Most people don’t want to sit near you. That many people will actually take offence that you don’t take offence at things other people do that have nothing to do with you and hurt nobody. Sometimes it almost feels like in these non-open-minded people’s views, my open-mindedness actually makes me worse than the people doing something that the non-open-minded people don’t like, because I think it’s fine for them to be doing that. Because some of the people going around doing shocking things like being gay or tattooed or sweary or female or black or .. whatever.. some of them feel guilty because they have been conditioned to feel that they are less because of this arbitrary attribute. And if they feel guilty then clearly they know that they are bad and wrong. Which just demonstrates that the non-open-minded people are right. And that makes me more wrong, because not only do I not believe that anyone in one of the aforementioned minorities is doing anything wrong, I also believe that people who do think that way shouldn’t be allowed to be assholes about it.

How does it make any sense that this part of myself, my determination to be accepting and non-judgemental – what I think is one of my best qualities – is also what makes me feel most judged and isolated when I encounter people with less leftliberalhippy views than me?

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left problems

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