A few weeks ago Stephanie had an assignment for English where she had to write two things, and one of the suggested types was a persuasive essay. She wanted to do it about the current issue du jour.. marriage equality. But what she came to me and asked for some assistance with was “why gay people should be allowed to get married.”

She decided in the end to two imaginative pieces, but her question, combined with the prominence of this issue in the media (wtg, Ireland,) and some discussions happening on my local MP’s facebook page have caused me to think further on the topic. (Not that I have ever really suffered from a shortage of thoughts in this arena.)

It was the way Stephanie worded her question. Why should gay people be able to get married? Well, why does anyone get married? I simulated* a highly scientific, carefully planned double blind placebo controlled survey, and asked already married people why they got married. 98% of people said “Because I love [the other person] and I wanted to.” 2% said “Because [the other person] is really rich and I wanted to.”

So, why should gay people be able to get married? Well, how about BECAUSE THEY FUCKING WANT TO. The question should not be why gay people should be able to get married, but why should selfish ignorant bigots not be allowed to prevent marriage equality becoming a reality?

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* Because I couldn’t be bothered actually asking.

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