c’est la

I have never quite understood why some people have some tea towels for using and some tea towels just for looking at. Now I am considering that perhaps I just never had cool enough tea towels to want to protect from the inevitable wear and tear that comes from drying dishes. I have reached this theory due to the fact that I now own such a tea towel.

I have secretly admired these art works for some time (it is not a secret that I appreciate the art of a well used expletive). They are a fun blend of traditional (the embroidery) and modern (the designs) with the added benefit of SWEAR WORDS!! Well, last week my mum won a giveaway for an apron and tea towel by cate bolt. And she said I could have the tea towel. So I chose this lovely c’est la fucking vie one. She just chose one of the boring not sweary items. Ok, they aren’t boring. Just prude friendly ;)

A bit tired today. Seeing as how I had to get up in the middle of the night to clean up someone’s sick. That was pretty much everywhere except in the bucket she had put beside her bed earlier incase she threw up. Because when she woke up and felt sick she sat up and sat there waiting and did not see the point of a safe > sorry policy with regards to the bucket. 

I still love her and I cleaned that shit up but.. it is really hard to be sympathetic and caring when it is cold and I am not asleep and it stinks and the other person is yelling about her toys and the ..

This entry has been a casualty of blogus interruptus, which is an ancient Latin term meaning 'life got in the way.'

c’est la

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