once again

It is school holidays yet again. There are good things about school holidays and less good things. The primary good thing about this particular holiday is, of course, the chocolate. And the public holidays, so it started off with four whole days of Daniel and that is very nice. 

I do like not having to necessarily get dressed by a certain time in order to take everyone to school. I especially like not having to go in to school sometimes. And not having to plan the rest of my activities around school times is handy. It makes the day seem so much longer. Which is sometimes good and sometimes not. The biggest challenge for me is that I run out of charge so much more quickly when there are three people there all day who like to talk and sing and play games and go to the park and whatever else they might think of, all while I am still trying to manage the usual jobs. They are incapable of being quiet and quiet is an essential thing for me. 

There is also the whole love-hate sibling relationship thing that taxes my brain’s capacity for understanding. I find it difficult enough to understand how people in general can be intentionally hurtful to ‘mere’ friends or acquaintances; to see it happening between siblings when just a short while ago they were playing, giggling and whispering, pretending and imaginating just defies my only child comprehension. Sometimes they make me cry. Sometimes because they are so absofuckinglutely hateful to each other. And sometimes because they do the simplest, littlest nice thing for their brother or sister for no reason other than because they are siblings.

I have been doing some thinking about my back. About a month or so ago I had a particularly nasty muscle tension knot headache event which coincided with monthly menstrual migraine and they kind of fed each other and it was not good. Because of the muscular pain I could not relax enough to get any kind of useful sleep to help the migraine and that made me more tense and continuing cycle bla bla. After several days Daniel stayed home so he could take me to the doctor to get knocked out. Sometimes when I am washing my arm in the shower I can still feel the tender area from the injection. But so, so worth it. I slept through about 18 hours or so and was much better feeling once I woke up. If a little groggy.

This entry has been a casualty of blogus interruptus, which is an ancient Latin term meaning 'life got in the way.'

once again