I am having to work extra hard this week to keep myself from slipping too far into the dark. It is really difficult sometimes to find things to be hopeful about. Aside from my own personal battles and worries, there are just times when the world at large seems to be lacking compassion and love. I would like to think that people can make positive changes in the world, but when you are already tired from your own struggles and the world is only showing it’s mean face, you have to wonder where you are supposed to look to find hope.

Australia has been found to be violating international standards regarding torture by the United Nations. It almost seems like it could be a parody headline or something, because last time I considered what my country stood for, it certainly wasn’t assholism and cruelty. People who claim to represent me are creating conditions where people that come to us for help are living in a state akin to a concentration camp. I don’t suppose that this should be a surprise to me, since they don’t even want to help people here who need it. Well, not until they have had 6 months to become truly desperate, anyway.

This morning I saw a news article about an advertisement that was shown last night during coverage of the Mardi Gras. Well, on some channels. SBS declined to show it. Good on them. I can’t believe that the ones who did didn’t find there to be a huge problem with the message it was giving. Primarily, that there should be no marriage equality because it would prevent children from having both a mother and a father, and of course everyone knows that all children who lack that grow up hugely disadvantaged in every way compared to the properly raised children whose right to a parent of each gender hasn’t been compromised. What about a child’s right to feel like their family is every bit as valid and important as any one of their friends’ families – no matter what shape it takes, one parent, two parents, three parents, grandparents or an aunt or uncle or even just an adult who loves you and wants the best for you? What about the children’s right to not have their family discriminated against by the government which is supposed to exist to support and protect everybody’s right to equality and fairness? What would you say to the child who comes home in tears after the other children have been cruel to them because their family is different and the other kids think it is ok to belittle these children because the law itself says that they are not equal to you, not deserving of the same respect and consideration you’d want for yourself? Marriage is nothing to do with parenthood in this day and age. Plenty of “mother AND father” families aren’t even married, either. Whatever, if that’s what they want. They got to make that choice for themselves. That’s all anyone wants and the minimum that everyone should have.

So, yeah. This is a bit of a downer of an entry but that is where I am at today. So, so disillusioned with the world. Struggling to not let that disillusionment overwhelm my limited ability to persevere.