photo time capsule

I came across this site called Photojojo’s PhotoTimeCapsule and thought it sounded interesting so I registered to see how it was. What happens is you link up your flickr account and then every two weeks or so they send you a “time capsule” email with a few photos from your photostream dated around a year ago.

Every couple weeks, the Time Capsule looks at your Flickr account for photos you took a year ago. It picks the ones that are most interesting — the ones that got viewed the most, favorited the most, and commented on the most — and sends them to you in email.
That’s it!
You’ll be amazed by how wonderful it is to get a photo blast from the past.

Today I got my first email. It had a picture of Abigail and my mum having a swimming lesson, Stephanie holding a tiny Kristian and a couple of Kristian sleeping by himself looking very cute and very small!

I think I’ll keep it :)

photo time capsule