being a picky geek

I saw this article linked to from Sexy Aliens: 17 Heavenly Bodies from Sci-Fi and thought it sounded interesting so I went to have a look.

That dude seriously needs to learn how to check his facts. There were a couple of glaring errors that I noticed, and I am not even familiar with all of the shows/movies on there, so there could be more. First, on Christopher Eccleston. It states him as being on Doctor Who from 2005 to present. Um, no. There have been another two seasons of the show with Mr. Eccleston’s successor since then. (And though it is of course subjective, I would rate Mr. Tennant as a much sexier Doctor.)

This is the one that really annoys me, though. Jadzia Dax. “This tall drink of synthehol is a symbiote — which, in Star Trek-ese, means that she’s got a little slug living inside of her. And that’s a joke I’m just gonna let sit right there, unmolested.” To start with, she is not a symbiont, she is a Trill. The “little slug” is the symbiont. If you want to talk about a symbiote you need to get into the Stargate universe. That is how the Goa’uld and Tok’ra are referred to when making the distinction between the host and the parasite, and they are quite different from symbionts. The symbiotes can make the host’s eyes glow and voice sound different, which is something that the symbionts can’t do; but on the upside, the symbionts are all quite nice docile creatures, whereas the majority of symbiotes are.. not.

And it’s not so much an error as an oversight, but there was no mention of Worf’s four years on DS9 after TNG finished. And I’d say that the nicer First Contact style uniform he had from then on made him and his warrior braid look even better.

being a picky geek