yesterday on the way home after picking kristian up from kinder, he and Abby were chatting and I was sort of chatting, sort of not, since I was driving.
then he made an announcement. “i can’t move my penis.”
is there something wrong with my ears? “what?”
very calmly, “i can’t move my penis.”
uhh.. “um.. well you don’t really need to move it right now do you?” i glanced in my little mirror to see what kind of expression he had.
he seemed to think about it for a moment and then shook his head and grinned and then they moved on to a totally different topic, as if that had not been an incredibly weird conversation.

on tuesday I had to take my grandmother to dora’s mcdonalds so that my auntie could meet us there and take here the rest of the way home after she stayed at the weekend to look after the kids while I took my mum to the hospital. the car was a little bit messy but I didn’t tidy it up. I did that on purpose. a bit of rebellion. I also had the cd player going on my standard cd that has a bunch of mp3s on it. it generally plays through in order and happened to be near the start, on alanis. briefly I wondered whether or not I should skip ahead or turn it off, because I don’t have the clean radio edits. but I was apparently having a very provocative day because I left it to play through at least two songs that had words I would not generally use in conversation with my grandmother. it felt quite invigorating.. to not do what I thought would be expected or ‘appropriate’. maybe next time I’ll even go one better and borrow some of daniel’s kevin bloody wilson or weird al songs. those would be really shocking. haha.
but at nearly 30 i think I should be able to not change things about myself just because a grandparent is around. so I was pleased with myself, because that kind of thing does not always come easily to me.

speaking of nearly 30, i’ve been giving serious thought to getting myself a tattoo for my birthday. it’s something that I have wanted to do for a long time but I didn’t know if I was brave enough. I think I might be, now. I think it will probably be something kind of Celtic style, and I am leaning towards having it on my inner wrist. if you know any good places with tattoo designs, tell me the url!


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