today was abigail’s last day of kinder. it seems a bit hard to believe she could be ready to go to school already but if you ask her about it she will tell you with great excitement just how ready she is.

she keeps telling kristian that she won’t see him anymore when she goes to school. she means that she won’t see him when they would have both been at kinder and on they days they wouldn’t be at kinder but stephanie is at school, but the way she says it makes it sound like he will not see her for days or weeks at a time once school starts. poor kristian.


i worry a bit about how she will handle school, and the presence of so many other kids. she has so many little … quirks, ‘ocd’s, preferences.. sometimes I just can’t imagine her being able to adapt. at kinder, to a certain degree, her uniquenesses could be worked around, tolerated, but it doesn’t always work that way at school and I see the potential for her to become very upset by something that matters only to her and other people see as so trifling that they have no time to accommodate her eccentricities.

i wonder how much of this concern is warranted because I know my daughter and see many of the same reactions to certain types of situations that i have… or do I dread her going to school because I am mistaken about how much like me/us she really is and I am preparing for her to react the way i would when in actual chance she might be totally fine. I really hope that is true!

tired now, Coherent in theornong!!!

what i tried to write there was that i was tired and hopefully i would be coherent enough to finish the entry in the morning :) it took me several tries to just get the last line that good, before that i couldn’t even tell what i had been trying to write.



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  1. I can’t imagine her at school, but I’m sure she will adapt. Despite there being tolerance and adaptability at kinder, Abigail must have done her share of adapting too, as I’m sure she’ll do at school too. She’s so excited about it, that she’s not going to be looking for the bad things, only the good.