It seems that an actor has been cast to play Scotty in the upcoming Trek movie..

The search for a Scot is over… and it’s an Englishman! Variety is reporting that British actor, writer and comedian Simon Pegg has won the role of Montgomery ‘Scotty’ Scott in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek. The 37-year-old beat out a number of others who were up for role of Trek’s most famous engineer, including Stargate’s Paul McGillion.

I was hoping that McGillion would get the part, I think he’s great and I was very sad when they wrote him out of Atlantis. It’s great, though, that the efforts of lots of fans to make their voices heard have been taken note of by the Atlantis PTB and he’ll be returning for at least a couple of episodes in the fourth season.


2 thoughts on “disappointed

  1. well, the original actor to play scotty was james doohan, who died a few years ago. (some of his ashes recently went into space.) however, even if he was still alive, he wouldn’t be able to play the role, because he would be 87 by now and the new movie is being set before the original series, perhaps when kirk et al were at the academy.
    zachary quinto (sylar on heroes) was the first new actor cast, to play the young version of spock.