you and theo

hello my love,

a few years ago i remember doing a meme of some sort and one of the questions was asking what you most loved about your spouse. i couldn’t think of any single one thing that i love most about you, and my answer was that what i loved most was that thing you can’t quite describe.

that magical, mystical, wonderful feeling of need and comfortable, desire and belonging, peace and longing.

but you aren’t the only one who invokes those feelings in me. there is another.


i feel the same longing for theo when we are apart for too long. i feel the same comfort and quiet happiness upon reunion.

just as i love you and don’t want to share you and my time with you, neither do i like to share theo. i’m perhaps even more possessive of him than i am of you.

but i am quite happy to share you with each other. i thought that maybe to celebrate this day you would like to have a threesome. me, you, and theo.

let me know :)


you and theo

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