Here’s a question for you: what do little girl’s tongues, a hot glue gun and an ice pack have in common?

The answer is that they are all tools I have been using this morning in preparing the invitations for Kristian’s naming ceremony. The little girl’s tongues were used to lick the envelopes before sealing them; the ice pack was used for sitting the wax stamps on before making impressions; and the glue gun is used for melting the wax onto the envelopes.

We ordered some of this wax a month or two ago but this is the first experimentation I’ve done with it. Previously I used the old fashioned kind of wicked wax sticks. I think it will take practise still to get the technique perfected, but I’m quite pleased with how the seals came out. I wasn’t using the ice to start with but I think it makes a definite difference to the quality of the impression.

I want more sealing stamps. I’ve been lusting over the tetragrammaton one for ages but it’s so expensive. :(